A Judgement of God

Funeral of Fr Ernesto Barrera Motto & 3 companions

Wednesday, 29 November, 1978
Fr Ernesto Barrera Motto, Jose Isidro Portillo Paz, Rafael Santos Ortiz and Valenti­n Marti­nez Piche were assassinated on 28 November 1978.
Words from the homily:
"At this time when we gather together around these bodies of our brothers, especially the body of Father Neto, it is necessary to reaffirm the fact that as Christians we cannot live a piety or the gospel or transcendence by glancing toward the heavens and forgetting to put our feet on the ground.  It is necessary to reaffirm this fact because we hope for a heaven that will be the reward for our efforts on earth.  Therefore, each one of us, according to our vocation, must work intensely for a better world."