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There are two detailed authoritative biographies of Archbishop Romero in English and three highly readable, but shorter, accounts of his life. Additionally there is a volume bringing together the lives of Archbishop Romero and Fr Rutilio Grande, two formidable collections of memories and reflections, and a volume that examines the plot to assassinate. For books containing Romero's own words, please click here


  • Romero – A Life by James Brockman SJ.
    ISBN 978-1-57075-599-6
    This is an excellent well-researched and well-documented biography of Oscar Romero written soon after his death and intended to be the official biography.  First published in 1982 (as Oscar Romero – Bishop and Martyr) it was revised in 1989 & 2005. It is published by Orbis Books in the US and available via online booksellers.
  • Oscar Romero – Prophet of Hope by Roberto Morozzo della Rocca.
    ISBN 978-0-232-53201-2
    This second acclaimed biography appeared in English only in 2015. It was written by the Italian lay historian who helped draw up the ‘Positio’ - the official document setting out the case for Romero’s beatification.  Drawing on much the same documentation that Brockman accessed 35 years before, it makes a number of different judgments on the ecclesial context in which Archbishop Romero ministered.  It is published in the US by Pauline Books and in the UK by DLT.
  • Oscar Romero and the Communion of Saints by Scott Wright.
    ISBN 978-1-62698-185-0
    This is a highly readable text from Scott Wright telling Romero’s story passionately and accurately. It is richly illustrated with over 100 photographs from Octavio Duran. First published in 2010 it was updated in the wake of Romero’s beatification.  It is published as part of the Orbis Books collection in the US and available via online booksellers.
  • Oscar Romero – Love Must Win Out by Kevin Clarke.
    ISBN 978-0-8146-3757-9
    This too is a superb introduction to the life of St Oscar Romero.  Beautifully-written by a senior editor at ‘America ‘magazine . It was published in 2014 as part of the Liturgical Press seriesPeople of God – Remarkable Lives, Heroes of Faith.   
  • Archbishop Romero — The Making of a Martyr by Emily Wade Will
    ISBN 978-1-4982-8355-7
    ​An up-to-date and well researched biography, with a valuable focus on Romero's early years. It is published in the US by Resource Publications.
  • Romero and Grande: Companions on the Journey by Ana María Pineda, RSM
    ​ISBN 978-1-943901-04-3
    This excellent book brings together the interconnected stories of the two martyrs in a special and sympathetic manner. It is publised in the US by Lectio Publishing. 
  • Monseñor Romero – Memories in Mosaic by Maria Lopez Vigil.
    ISBN 978-1-62698-010-5
    This classic collection of testimonies, anecdotes and memories gathered together from peasants, friends, theologians, and pastoral colleagues gives us a most moving portrait and extraordinary insights into Oscar Romero - not simply the hero and martyr but the human being, with his doubts and frailties, who found the courage to listen to others and allowed himself to be changed to be able to take up his pivotal role in the history of El Salvador and the Latin American Church.  This volume is un-put-down-able!  It too is now published by Orbis Books in the US and is available via online booksellers.
  • Archbishop Romero – Memories and Reflections by Jon Sobrino
    ISBN 978-1-62698-176-8
    First published in 1990 and since updated, this series of essays by Jesuit theologian, Jon Sobrino, is described as a personal memoir. But it constitutes a profound theological analysis and reflection on Archbishop Romero as believer, as archbishop, as Salvadoran, as prophet, as martyr and as inspiration for theology. Despite declarations to the contrary, Sobrino was close to Archbishop Romero and saw him from a unique vantage point which is immensely valuable as we continually seek to understand and contextualise Romero’s pastoral praxis. Yet another volume from Orbis Books in the US and available via online booksellers.
  • Assassination of a Saint: The Plot to Murder Oscar Romero and the Quest to Bring His Killers to Justice by Matt Eisenbrandt
    ISBN 978-0-520-28680-1
    It's great. This extraordinary book defies easy classification: part court-room drama, part whodunnit, part historical record. Highly recommended. It is published by the University of California Press.
  • There is also available in the UK a pamphlet from the Catholic Truth Society entitled Oscar Romero- Martyr for Faith by Fr Ashley Beck on sale at £2.50. ISBN 978-1-78469-059-5

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