Films and DVDs

There are five serious films on Romero available in English, or with English subtitles.

  1. Righting the Wrong (originally titled ‘The Claim’)
    This documentary provides an excellent overview of Romero’s life and martyrdom. It goes on to describe the long drawn out process after his death leading finally to his canonisation by Pope Francis in October 2018. The film by Patrik Soergel and Gianni Beretta, produced in Spanish with English subtitles by Swiss-Italian television, lasts for 80 minutes. It is available to view online but it is not available for downloading. You can purchase the DVD from the Romero Trust by emailing The Romero Trust shares the view that this is the best Romero film currently available. You can watch it by clicking here.

  2. The Hollywood movie ‘Romero’ made in 1989 with Raul Julia (105 minutes). Available on DVD via Amazon and other online stores.

  3. ‘The Last Journey of Oscar Romero’ - an excellent documentary made in 2010 with good subtitles (97 minutes). You can watch it on this website by clicking here. Available on DVD via Amazon and other online stores.

  4. Everardo Gonzalez’ film ‘El Cielo Abierto’ (The Open Sky) with subtitles. Similar to previous film using some of same footage - made 2011 (103 minutes). 

  5. ‘Monseñor Romero – Un Misterio de Dios’ (A Mystery of God), with subtitles, made some years ago by Archdiocese of San Salvador. This is available to watch on YouTube and linked below. Part 1 – 29 minutes; Part 2 - 14 minutes.