The Ideal That Never Dies

Funeral Mass of Fr Alfonso Navarro Oviedo

Thursday, 12 May, 1977


Fr Alfonso Navarro Oviedo and a child, Luis Alfredo Torres, were assassinated together on 11th May 1977 in the presbytery of the Resurrection Parish where he was parish priest. Fr. Navarro was shot through the mouth.
Words from the homily:
"So from this pulpit I want to direct the following words to the President: when we spoke yesterday by telephone, if your words were sincere when you said that you would investigate this crime, just as you were concerned and, I suppose, still are concerned about investigating the crime against your Chancellor. Because the life of Mauricio Borgonovo is as sacred as the life of the priest who has just perished, as sacred as the life of Father Grande who was assassinated two months ago and in his case, despite the promise of an investigation, we are still very far from knowing the truth of this matter.

My dear sisters and brothers, those who make it impossible to discover the truth of the origins of these criminal actions are also committing an act of violence and their action is as sinful as the one who pulls the trigger to kill another, as sinful as those who wage this slanderous campaign against the Church."