The Church Before Grief & Violence

Funeral of Chancellor, Mauricio Borgonovo

Wednesday, 11 May, 1977
The corpse of Dr Mauricio Alfredo Borgonovo was discovered early in the morning of 11th May, 20 days after he had been kidnapped.
Words from the homily
"The Church has been with those who suffer and has always rejected violence. In front of the body of our beloved Chancellor I repeat: violence is neither Christian nor human… nothing that is achieved through violence can long endure. It is said that the human person is more important than everything else. Therefore, the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. It is necessary then, to view the law in this context, for when these considerations are forgotten one commits crimes such as this horrendous assassination of another human being. The commandment: you shall not kill is always shouted out by God - it is a cry from God to the human heart."