St Oscar Romero Parish, Liverpool

Published date:
29 November 2020

Advent saw the second parish in the North West of England dedicated to St Oscar Romero.

Two years ago, the Catholic community in the southwest of Blackburn in Salford Diocese took the Salvadorean martyr as its patron.

Fr Curran who leads the new parishNow, with the amalgamation of the parishes of Our Lady Star of the Sea and St Thomas of Canterbury, Seaforth and Waterloo along with St Edmund of Canterbury, Waterloo, a new patron for the parishes in north Liverpool was needed.

Despite being eight centuries and ministering thousands of miles apart, St Thomas of Canterbury and St Oscar Romero are profoundly linked. Both bishops were martyred by their political leaders for speaking truth to power. St Thomas a Becket’s successor, Robert Runcie (who grew up just down the road from the newly named parish), was installed as Archbishop within hours of the martyrdom of St Oscar Romero.

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Parish priest, Fr Dominic Curran, says,

‘Romero was a true successor to the Apostles, following in the footsteps of so many faithful, brave preachers of truth, such as Saints Edmund and Thomas of Canterbury. As such the Patronage of Saint Oscar Romero will enrich and challenge our community to serve God’s Mission in our communities of Seaforth and Waterloo’.

The North West of England has a long history of martyrs, such as Saints Edmund Arrowsmith and Ambrose Barlow, witnessing to their faith and ultimately costing their lives.

The Archdiocese of Liverpool’s links to St Oscar Romero stretch back to when he was still alive, and the cathedral now houses a bust and relics of the saint.

Parishioner Annette Bolger says

‘the new name of the Parish of Saint Oscar Romero is brilliant because he was such a caring man and I hope it inspires the parishioners to follow his example.’